Sebastian Moody, Digital Communications Officer. Photo: Carl Warner

Digi Comms and copyright

17 October 2019 12:00pm12:45pm
UQ Chamber Singers. Photo: Adam McNamara

UQ Chamber Singers

9 October 2019 6:30pm7:30pm
Effie Skoufa-Klesnik, Registrar (Loans and Acquisitions)

Basic object handling

22 August 2019 12:00pm12:45pm
Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione Circe with companions of Ulysses changed into animals 1650–1651 Etching on paper, 21.8 x 31 cm (plate); 31 x 46.3 (sheet). V.B.F. Young Bequest Fund 2009. Collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

Drama performances

23 May 2019 3:00pm4:00pm