Hydrodecadence: Dr Léuli Eshrāghi in conversation with Angela Tiatia

21 October 2022 12:30pm1:30pm
Artist Angela Tiatia joins UQ Art Museum’s Curatorial Researcher in Residence Dr Léuli Eshrāghi for an Ultramarine Conversation.
Photo of a hand holding a phone showing repeated images of the same image of hands holding phones

Daniel McKewen: Stop the ride, I don’t want to get off: our digital adolescence

7 December 2021 5:30pm6:15pm
Like that cool friend our parents warned us about, we know the Internet’s a bad influence, but we don’t want to stop hanging out. And like adolescence, if we don’t collectively get on track, our future doesn’t look so bright.
A series of images including one of singer and actor Jennifer Lopez is shown on a desktop all in colours of blue and green

Xanthe Dobbie: Eidolon

7 December 2021 10:15am10:30am
Join artist Xanthe Dobbie for a desktop performance that merges past, present, and potential futures, and dredges the Internet, conflating fact and fiction in an act of post-truth digital myth-making.
Event title written in grey and white on a blue background

Liquid Architecture presents Machine Listening: Thao Phan - Listening to misrecognition

6 December 2021 5:30pm7:00pm
This experimental presentation by feminist technoscience researcher Thao Phan brings together critical work on race and algorithmic culture with new techniques for dissecting and analysing automatic speech recognition, applied to personal and public archives drawn from Thao’s life and research on race.

Good and Evil: The Internet, AI, Law, Ethics and Trust

23 September 2021 12:00pm
Join a panel of UQ scholars as they consider a range of ethical, legal and trust issues that affect us all.
Two people riding bicycles as part of Eugenia Lim's artwork "On Demand"

Artists in Conversation: Simon Denny, Eugenia Lim and Elisa Giardina Papa

9 September 2021 6:00pm
Join artists Simon Denny, Eugenia Lim and Elisa Giardina Papa for an online discussion about their new works featured in Don’t Be Evil as part of the exhibition series Conflict in My Outlook.

Curator's Floortalk

2 September 2021 12:00pm1:00pm
Join Curator Anna Briers as she takes you through the "Don't Be Evil" exhibition and discusses its conceptual framework through the lens of key works in the exhibition.
Part of the artwork showing a screen with artist Daniel McKewen in conversation with Anonymous

Artists in Conversation: Daniel McKewen

26 August 2021 12:00pm1:00pm
Join artist Daniel McKewen for a tour of his work featured in "Don't Be Evil".

A Yarn Event

18 June 2021 9:30am4:30pm