Look Closer - August Edition

12 August 2020 12:00pm
This is a series of discussions that will help audiences to build observation skills, improve confidence in talking about art, and inspire new ideas.

We Need To Talk About...Government fee increases for university courses and the impacts on the GLAM sector

6 July 2020 3:00pm
How will the Australian Government’s proposed 113% fee increase to study humanities and social science subjects at university impact emerging workers in galleries, libraries, archives and museums (the GLAM sector)?
Sebastian Moody, Digital Communications Officer. Photo: Carl Warner

Digi Comms and copyright

17 October 2019 12:00pm12:45pm
UQ Chamber Singers. Photo: Adam McNamara

UQ Chamber Singers

9 October 2019 6:30pm7:30pm
Effie Skoufa-Klesnik, Registrar (Loans and Acquisitions)

Basic object handling

22 August 2019 12:00pm12:45pm