About the Collection

four people from the registration team hanging a large artwork
Registrars carefully hang Gordon Hookey's Dundalli Banner (2021) in the Alumni Friends of UQ Collection Study Room. Also visible (L–R): Richard Bell, Little fish are sweet, 2021; Richard Bell, Me, 2015; Gordon Hookey, Kangaroo Point, 2011-12.

The University of Queensland Art Collection is one of Queensland’s most significant public art collections. Developed over 70 years, it features more than 4,400 works of art, comprised predominantly of Australian artists from the colonial period to the present.

The Art Collection and the Art Museum’s creative program support and inform each other. The Art Collection speaks to the Art Museum’s distinct place within the University context and engages with practices and ideas central to research and learning in their many forms. Collection artworks are displayed in exhibitions, in the dedicated Collection Study Room, and in buildings across the University's campuses.

The Art Collection fosters new artistic inquiry, seeking out works of contemporary Australian art that articulate and complicate conditions present at the time of their making. 

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New artwork acquisitions contribute significantly to the Art Museum’s identity as a place for progressive and contemporary creative inquiry. The University welcomes gifts of contemporary art that are deemed to advance opportunities for learning and research at UQ. As with all artworks acquired by the University, gifts are subject to a rigorous acquisitions process. It is recommended that you contact us to discuss your proposed gift. 

Collection Study Room

The Alumni Friends of UQ Collection Study Room is a dedicated workroom on the top floor of the Art Museum. Students and researchers can examine requested artworks from the Art Collection under supervision, and teaching staff can use the space to support student learning.