COVID-Safe visitor guidelines

COVID-Safe visitor guidelines

  • Stay home if you’re feeling unwell: Rest up and stay home if you’re not feeling 100% – we’ll still be here when you’re feeling better! 
  • Wear a mask according to guidelines: Please refer to the Queensland Government website for the current guidelines on wearing masks, as these are subject to change. Just let our friendly staff know if you have an exception.
  • Sanitise your hands: We’ll have hand sanitiser on the go for you. 
  • Stay 1.5m apart: We love you, but please keep a 1.5m distance from us, and each other!  
  • Learn more about UQ's community COVID-19 advice

What else is new inside? 

  • There’s more signage to help you understand our health and safety guidelines. 
  • We’re increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitisation in the Art Museum to keep our spaces sparkly clean and sanitised for you. 
  • Our friendly staff are always eager to talk about art so please don’t be shy to ask us questions (from a safe 1.5m distance of course!) 

Help us get it right 

Tell us if something doesn’t feel quite right, or you have any concerns – we always welcome your feedback. And don’t be shy to tell us what you love, too! Or if you prefer, send us an email: