We are implementing a holistic and sustained approach to sustainability in all aspects of our work. As an art museum operating within a university context, we are uniquely positioned to seek out and implement innovative tools and methods to address our environmental impact and drive change within our sector.

Our work in this area is driven by two key questions:

  1. How can we contribute positively to climate action, especially among our university and arts sector colleagues?
  2. How can we consider multiple perspectives on positive climate action, and embed this approach within our policies and practices?

In 2022, our Oceanic Thinking exhibition was certified carbon neutral by Climate Active, the Australian Government's climate certification authority. View the Public Disclosure Statement for our certification.

Banner image: Commissioned front window installation by artist Kate Geck, developed as part of our "Don't Be Evil" exhibition, 2021.

The outside of the art museum building with people sitting on the grass in front of it
Solar panels were installed on the roof of the Art Museum in 2016.