Trish Adams
Host 2008 (Still)
single channel digital video
videography: Carla Evangelista and Peter Kraft
Courtesy of the artist

until 6 April 2008

Trish Adams’s work Host is the result of the artist’s residency with the Queensland Brain Institute at The University of Queensland. Here she worked with Head of Visual Neuroscience Professor Mandyam Srinivasan and his colleagues in the ‘bee house’.

Research scientists Carla Evangelista and Dr Peter Kraft ‘trained’ honeybees to feed from honey smeared on the palm of the artist’s bare hand. Shot in grey-scale, a scientific focus infuses the work. Captured slow motion in highly magnified detail, this transitory allegiance between artist and bee is reinterpreted, as is the sense of mutual vulnerability. Host reflects the artist’s concern with cutting-edge scientific enquiry and the biological bases for interconnectivity, in this case between humans and bees.