2 October – 22 November 2009

Blue and white 'Grape Dish', Ming Dynasty, Yongle period 1403-1424
blue and white glazed dish
Collection of The University of Queensland. Gift of Dr Nat Yuen through the Cultural Gifts Program, 2005

The Nat Yuen Collection of Chinese Antiquities was generously gifted to The University of Queensland by Dr Natalis (Nat) Yuen in 1994, with further items gifted in more recent years. Spanning 5000 years of Chinese culture, the collection represents special features of particular periods, such as form, patterns, clay types and glazes.

Dr Yuen, a resident of Hong Kong, graduated in medicine from The University of Queensland. He began collecting Chinese antiquities in the 1960s, when his father – a scholar and a connoisseur of such artworks and relics – gave him several pieces of porcelain and paintings.