Pamela See (Xue Mei Ling) 1979
of a kind 2007
paper cut
seven parts, dimensions variable
Collection of The University of Queensland. Gift of Pamela See, 2008.

2 October – 22 November 2009

A Chinese legacy is a focus exhibition of over 20 works drawn from the Collection of The University of Queensland that reflects upon the role of Chinese culture and identity, particularly within contemporary Australian art. Included in the exhibition are artists such as Xiao Xian Liu, who migrated to Australia in 1990, and first- and second-generation Chinese-Australians including Lindy Lee, Pamela See and William Yang. A Chinese legacy reflects upon cross-cultural concerns, and in particular considers fractured notions of identity, authenticity and a sense of ‘home’. 

Accompanying the exhibition is a small group of works by Australian artists Elaine Haxton and Ian Fairweather, who both spent time in China, and a conceptual work by Robert MacPherson reflecting upon a journey he took to Singapore, a multicultural city-state dominated by Chinese culture.