Dorota Mytych
Mutatis mutandis 2005
single channel digital video (Still)
1.20 mins
Courtesy of the artist

2 March – 30 November 2009

Feeling bereft? Alone? Angry? Ebullient? Have you ever thought, 'Sometimes it would just be enough to feel something, anything'? Do you need to talk? Or maybe you are a good listener to listen? Contemporary artists, like the rest of us, wrestle with these same demons, channelling their disaffection into their art making. This program of screen-based work takes the form of nine separate exhibitions over nine months, and is guaranteed to prick your emotions.

Like pieces of dialogue in a larger play featuring a range of actors, the nine exhibitions will explore the work of artists mining the depths of the human condition. From navel gazing monologues to voyeuristic eavesdropping to unrequited declarations of love, the artists featured in The more you ignore me, the closer I get demand your attention while they ponder the murky depths of love, life, loss and what it means to be human. Get comfortable because you will want to linger...

Curator: Alison Kubler