Dennis Del Favero
Todtnauberg 2009 (video still)
single-channel DVD video installation
4 minutes
Reproduced courtesy of the artist and Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney.

9 July – 18 September 2011

Todtnauberg is a video work dealing with the ‘epoch making encounter’ between the Jewish poet Paul Celan and the German philosopher Martin Heidegger in 1967, commemorated by a poem of the same name. On one hand, is Celan’s attempt to remember the dead counterpointed by the guilt he feels towards his parents who died in the death camps? On the other hand, is Heidegger’s silence regarding his official collaboration with the Nazis, and their extermination of countless millions, counterpointed by his attempts to remember his philosophical interventions?

Public Program

Saturday 3 September 11.00am – 12.00pm
Artist Talk: Dennis Del Favero


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