David Sequeira: Eternal rhythms

17 February – 8 April 2007

A John Curtin Gallery travelling exhibition

From flower petals to plastic plates, David Sequeira’s work draws from and celebrates the colour and geometry of the world. A self-confessed hoarder, he collects books, vases, flower petals,orange domestic wareand plastic plates, all of which find their way into his practice. These objects, and their coding through colour, act as catalysts to memory and triggers to unseen significance and beauty. They also reveal the artist’s humour and playfulness. Eternal rhythms  surveys 13 years’ work by this Canberra-based artist who works across a range of media. Sequeira held his first solo exhibition in 1993.

David Sequeira: Eternal rhythms – Selected works 1996–2006 is sponsored by IBT Education and supported by Curtin University of Technology.