21 October – 26 November 2006

As Brisbane artist Pat Hoffie writes, ‘the ones who take up the responsibility of keeping memories of justice alive are the artists’.
The work of Pat Hoffie has consistently maintained a political edge. The exhibition includes a selection of work exhibited by Hoffie under the banner of Fully exploited labour and focusses on the process by which artwork is made. In producing this series, Hoffie has worked with a range of artists, artist groups and communities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. She asks us to question how we establish tiers of value and significance.
This survey exhibition brings together works that have been exhibited previously at the Fukuoka City Art Exhibition; The Australia Centre, Manila and Baguio Arts Festival, Philippines; Kwang Ju Art Symposium, Korea; Queensland Art Gallery, Institute of Modern Art and Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; and Adelaide Art Festival. A monograph on this series will be released for this exhibition.

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