Film still from an artwork
Amrita Hepi, "The Anguilla Pursuit", 2021, image still from two-channel video, colour and sound, 16:9, 4:31 minutes. Courtesy of the artist, and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne.

19 July–17 December 2022

Artists: Amrita Hepi, Madison Bycroft, Ensayos, Angela Tiatia

Explore multiple, complex narratives of the ocean as Oceanic Thinking continues with new artists in the second half of 2022.

Using the ocean – both its form and its enduring connection to human experience – as a starting point, artworks delve into personal histories and imaginings, and provoke expanded perspectives on issues including race, the ongoing extractive colonial project, climate crises, decolonisation, languages, industries, sci-fi, diasporas, interspecies relations and kinship. As liquid, vast, biodiverse and non-binary spaces, oceans invite us to explore the legacies of the past while speculating together on our collective future.

Oceanic Thinking is the inaugural exhibition of the multi-year project Blue Assembly. In collaboration with campus partners including UQ’s Centre for Marine Science, the project coincides with the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030). 

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