Accessibility in action

18 Nov 2021
Person wearing headphones standing in front of a video artwork
Image: Matthew Griffin, The outernet, 2018. Installation view, "Don't Be Evil", UQ Art Museum, 2021. Photo: Glenn Hunt.

We believe that art should be accessible to everyone, and everyone is welcome at the Art Museum. To help ensure all of our visitors can have a fantastic experience, we've created accessibility guides to help with planning visits or sourcing information about what services and supports are available. 

Visiting the Art Museum

The main accessiblity page shares information about how to plan your visit, how to enter and exit the building, and what facilities are available when you're here including wheelchairs, seating and mental health support. 

It also provides links to information about accessing audio labels, and to UQ maps that show accessible pathways around the St Lucia campus.

Exhibition-specific accessibility information

Our exhibitions are diverse in their subject matter and in the media used by artists. On the exhibition-specific page, we include information about specific artworks or features of the exhibition that visitors might like to consider.

For example, our current exhibition "Don't Be Evil" features some works that contain virtual reality, loud and sometimes repetitive sounds and video. The page lets visitors know that they may like to bring ear plugs or other aids when they visit. 

It's a show that features some interactive works, so the page also lists artworks that require physical interaction, with suggestions about how visitors can still enjoy and experience those works.

Next steps

We continue to learn, and our staff are working with UQ's Workplace Diversity and Inclusion team to develop a Disability Action Plan that is specific to the Art Museum. We're excited to keep working to make sure we make the Art Museum accesible and welcoming to all.

Do you have feedback on the guide, or do you need more information to help you plan your visit? You can call us on +61 7 3365 3046 or email