Welcome to our new front-of-house staff!

26 Aug 2020

We believe that art museums should be safe spaces to exchange ideas, explore perspectives, and ask questions of one another — and our dedicated staff are always keen to have a chat about our exhibitions or to hear your thoughts.

Our front-of-house staff play an important role in furthering this mission and they’re really keen to make sure the time you spend at the Art Museum is enjoyable and enriching. As we recently welcomed some new faces to the front-of-house team, we wanted to share a bit about them and what they love about the Art Museum – please say hi when you next drop by!

Cecilia Ingram

I’m currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies and I’m thrilled to be a part of the UQ Art Museum team. Not only is working at the Art Museum a great experience, but I also really enjoy being able to engage with visitors and discuss exhibitions. I especially love Mel O’Callaghan’s Centre of the Centre – it’s such a dynamic body of work, and I always finish my shift reflecting on the new ideas I’ve formed and perspectives I’ve gained from visitors! 

Riva Charles

I’m in my third and final year of studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in History and Art History. I’ve always loved being a visitor to UQ Art Museum because of the strong art community it fosters. As a result, I’m really grateful to be a member of that community and of the Art Museum team and to increase my learning experiences through my involvement with the arts industry. My favourite part of the current UQ Art Museum program is the incredible Music of the Spheres exhibition, curated by a fellow Art History student, as it engages with so many different ideas under the exhibition concept as a whole.

Reluca Ghebosu

I’m a third year student studying a dual degree in Arts and Science with Majors in Biomedical Science and Japanese. I’m very excited to work at the Art Museum as I not only love art, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to help share my love of art with others and encourage them to see the value of it. My favourite thing about the Art Museum right now is the Music of Spheres exhibition because it’s an exhibition that’s neither purely artistic nor scientific, but a combination of both. As a science/arts student who wants to bring art to people who can’t quite understand it yet, I think this exhibition is amazing in helping to bridge that gap.

Lisa Gorse

Hello! My name is Lisa and I’m a second year Advanced Humanities student doing an extended major in Art History. Joining the team at UQ Art Museum is a dream come true and  I can’t wait to chat with our visitors about art. At the moment, one of my favourite artworks on display is Lindy Lee’s The Life of Form: One Billion Worlds. This impressive bronze piece is an affirmative act of being in the present and the binaries it explores seem indicative of life itself: spontaneous yet composed and chaotic yet ordered.