Dylan River, Kaytetye people, "Untitled (Bungalow)", 2022, commissioned by the National Gallery of Australia, Kamberri/Canberra for the 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial: Ceremony with the support of the American Friends of the National Gallery of Australia with the assistance of the Christopher and Francesca Beale Private Foundation, image courtesy and © the artist

26 August–26 November 2022

"Ceremony is testament that our culture has survived – not only over the many thousands of years but, particularly, the last couple of hundred years – because of its capacity for innovation and adaptability." - Hetti Perkins, Ceremony Curator

Ceremony remains central to the creative practice of many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. In August we will host the 4th National Indigenous Art Triennial from the National Gallery of Australia, an exhibition that will animate and heal to reveal how ceremony is at the nexus of Country, culture and community.

From the intimate and personal to the collective and collaborative, ceremonies are performative, manifesting through visual art, film, music and dance. At its heart is the concept of iteration, the artist’s conscious engagement with what has come before.

Ceremony is a National Gallery touring exhibition.

About the National Indigenous Art Triennial

The National Indigenous Art Triennial is the National Gallery's flagship exhibition series. Led by a First Nations curator, the exhibition brings together commissioned work by established and emerging First Nations artists from across Australia, creating an important platform for art and ideas.

Since the Triennial’s inception in 2007, more than 100 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists have had their work presented at the National Gallery and through touring partners including The University of Queensland Art Museum.