Blue and white 'Grape Dish', Ming Dynasty, Yongle period 1403-1424
blue and white glazed dish
Collection of The University of Queensland.
Gift of Dr Nat Yuen through the Cultural Gifts Program, 2005

Gifted Collections

The Collection was established initially through a bequest by John Darnell and has continued to grow through the generosity of donors. Major gifts, donations and bequests have included the: 

  • Nat Yuen Collection of Chinese Antiquities (1995, 2005, 2006)
  • Miya Studio Archive gifted by Pamela Crawford (née Seeman) (1988)
  • Malcolm Enright Collection (1999)
  • Graeme Bennett Collection (2000)
  • The Denise Green / Francis X. Claps Collection (2013)
  • The Michael Rayner Collection (2014)