The UQ Art Museum can supply high-resolution images for the reproduction of items held within its collection.  

The Art Museum can provide permission and supply an image for reproduction only once:

  • The application has been approved by the Art Museum’s registration department;
  • The applicant has obtained copyright clearance from the copyright holder, as failure to do so will result in an infringement of the Australian Copyright Act 1968;
  • The Art Museum has received payment in full.


How to obtain copyright clearance

  1. Please complete the following application, carefully reading the Terms and Conditions of reproduction, and forward onto the Art Museum’s registration department.
  2. Once the application has been approved, the Art Museum’s registration department can assist the applicant in contacting the copyright holder. 
  3. It is the applicant’s responsibility to seek written permission from the copyright holder, indicating how the artwork will be reproduced – including any cropping
  4. A copy of this correspondence should be forwarded onto the Art Museum’s registration department before image attribution details can be supplied.

Your obligations

  • Reproductions of the Art Museum’s collection items must be correctly and adequately acknowledged with the captions provided by the UQ Art Museum.
  • Works must be reproduced appropriately with due consideration for the artist’s honour and reputation. A failure to comply with these conditions may result in an infringement of a copyright holder’s moral rights.
  • Images may not be copied, stored or used for any other purpose other than the original purpose outlined in the application.


Fee’s charged by the UQ Art Museum for the reproduction of collection items are for the supply of images and are not copyright fees. Please note that some copyright holders may charge an additional fee for copyright permissions. Please allow up to four weeks for the supply of images once the application is approved. If you have any further enquiries regarding this application, please contact the Art Museum’s Registration department: