The Clam’s Kiss | Sogi a le faisua

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The Clam’s Kiss | Sogi a le faisua is our new online multilingual journal dedicated to forms of transoceanic relation, creativity, and knowledge.

It shares essays, reflections, interviews and poems in the spirit of the ceremonial and political practices of reciprocity and affirmation evidenced in the sogi practice (shared breath of life or ritualised kiss); a practice common across many Great Ocean cultures but restricted in a time of planetary health crisis.

The Clam’s Kiss | Sogi a le faisua signals a much-needed shift towards transoceanic ways of relating and thriving. It forms part of our multi-year Blue Assembly project.

Edited by Curatorial Researcher-in-Residence Dr Léuli Eshrāghi with Senior Curator Peta Rake.

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