Finding the silver linings

30 Apr 2020

During this period of physical closure, our team has mostly been working remotely. We’re looking forward to being together again and seeing you back at the Art Museum soon!

But for now, we thought we’d share some of the silver linings we’re all finding during our time apart. Can you pick who from our team contributed which photo?

Staff images

From left to right, row by row: 

More one-on-one with the chooks — Campbell

Spending time with some long-neglected companions — Wendy

Seen in West End — Peta

It’s time to give the earth a break, and consider the damage we have done — Brent

A collection of rando doodles while I’ve been on the 9403290th Zoom call with colleagues (but totally listening to everything that was going on) — Holly

In my afternoon walks, the one moment of freedom, I am noticing the little intricacies of each front stoop. I am appreciating the clear winter sky, hidden forest gullies and hearty cackling of kookaburras. I am aware of how natural beauty grounds us at times such as these. And, how the only way to comprehend this difficult terrain is through creativity and connection — Isabella

This is my new keyboard and my new kitty, both acquired whilst in isolation — Mel

More sunsets, less driving to soccer practices — Sonia

More time for making pizzas from scratch — Danielle

A little maquette I have made of my doggie Satin — Effie

I’ve loved the extra time to potter in my garden. This was the result of one afternoon re-potting plants so they are happier and healthier and I can watch them grow — Sheryn

While I usually attend the dawn service at Greenslopes Hospital, this year I was so lucky to be able to participate in the 6 am service from my balcony. I was grateful that all of my neighbours came out and we were treated to a live version of the Last Post. This is something so dear to me as both my grandfathers participated in WWII —Nikki

What silver linings are you finding in your days?

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