The quote 'To speak of cities and present them only as buildings' by Greek architect and urban planner Constantinos Apostolou Doxiadis (1967) presents a fascinating provocation, as we constantly reconsider the role of buildings and public space. What is the relationship between utopian urbanism and real life cities? And who was Doxiadis? What influence has he had in the world of architecture and urban design? What relevance do his ideas have today? As part of UQ Art Museum's exhibition To Speak of Cities, join UQ School of Architecture Lecturer Peter Besley and artist Sam Cranstoun for a lively discussion, chaired by UQ School of Architecture Senior Lecturer Dr Susan Holden.

About We Need To Talk About...

Our informal conversation series We Need To Talk About… is back!

This series brings together brilliant UQ people to discuss urgent topics in art, politics and the news. We Need To Talk About... will interrogate notions of common purpose and collective action in this time of self-isolation - tying to ideas also explored in UQ Art Museum's current exhibition program Union.