Loud Art: After Hours

Your weekend starts here: UQ Art Museum's Loud Art: After Hours! In conjunction with our exhibition Music of Spheres, join us for an evening of art, music, performance, refreshments, and a journey through the mysteries of the cosmos... .


6:10pm     Respire, Respire performance (20 mins) 
As part of Mel O'Callaghan's exhibition Centre of the Centre, performers will activate large-scale glass sculptures that amplify their unified breath, allowing them to enter into altered states of consciousness. Accompanied by the pipe organ, this raw and intimate experience is both cathartic and vulnerable for performer and viewer.

6:40pm      Plant and Moon Music performance (45 mins)
Artist Dylan Martorell will present a floor talk on his artistic approach to producing the graphic score Moon Music parts 5, 7 and 9 (Pluto / Uranus / Jupiter) 2020, a new commission for UQ Art Museum's exhibition Music of Spheres. This will be followed by a live electronic performance exploring the Pythagorean concept through sound.

7:30pm      Refreshments by Schonell Events & Catering commence

7:30pm      Reading the book of nature in the language of mathematics (15 mins)
Mini lecture by Dr Peter Evans, ARC Research Fellow, UQ's School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry. Mathematics is the key to understanding the mysteries of the cosmos. Explore the Pythagorean notion of the 'Music of the Spheres', from Ancient Greece through to contemporary science.

7:50pm      Taana Rose & Greka performance (60 mins)
This Brisbane-based electronic duo explores the boundaries between ambient, improvisation and electronica, using Ableton Software Live in conjunction with a range of synthesisers, MIDI controllers and vocal looping. They deliver a fusion of nature recordings with synthesised sounds, electronic beats and the human voice.

This is a free event but please RSVP here to meet our liquor licence requirements.

Please note:

  • Refreshments commence at 7:30pm.
  • 18+ ID required to consume alcohol.
  • Backpacks and large bags must be cloaked.
  • UQ Art Museum is committed to providing plant-based refreshments during its events.